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Selecting the most appropriate motorbike insurance can be quite a challenge. Compare market insurance make the process as simple as possible to ensure that you get the bike insurance cover that you require, at the right price.

It is a legal requirement to have motorbike insurance in the UK and this is a standard check before being able to buy road tax for the bike.

First Time Motorbike Insurance

There is no doubt that buying and owning your first motorbike is an exciting time. Of course there will be initial safety considerations when using a motorbike on the road for the first time but also motorbike insurance has to be in place before setting out for your first ride.

Many people see this simply as a legal necessity but the reality is that motorbike insurance is in place to protect you and others. Motorbike insurance usually covers the following:

  • Insurance in the event of an accident, regardless of who is to blame.
  • Theft and damage to the motorbike.
  • Third party liability in the event that you damage or harm a 3rd party whilst in charge of your motorbike.
  • Personal liability whilst using the motor bike.
  • Personal injury.

Theft and Damage Motor Bike Insurance

Another key element of motor bike insurance is the cover for replacement or repair of your motor bike should it be damaged or stolen. There may well be certain precautions that you will need to take to ensure that the terms of your motorbike insurance are adhered to. These may include locking the bike away at night in a garage or shed, or making sure that an insurance approved locking system is applied to the bike whenever it is left.

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Motor Bike Insurance Premium Costs

There are a number of key factors that will impact on the premium charged for your motorbike insurance. These include the age of the applicant and his or her driving history. First time bike owners who have just passed their bike test will be expected to pay slightly higher motorbike insurance premiums than someone who has a long and clean record of bike riding. Postcodes where the bike is kept is also a consideration, as some areas are considered to be of higher risk than others.

Obviously the nature of the motorbike itself will have an impact on bike insurance premiums. A brand new super bike will have a high value and also presents a higher risk to motorbike insurers for obvious reasons. Fast and powerful bikes tend to be ridden more aggressively than smaller mopeds for example, and present a higher risk of accident to the rider. As bikes become older their value decreases and hence the motorbike insurance premium will decrease. And of course, driving carefully and getting a few years of no claims bonus has a huge impact on bike insurance premiums. So take care and save money.

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