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Vehicle check

Don’t risk yourself when buying used automobiles. Getting a vehicle check report is a best solution to check used vehicles and to stay out of burden.

Mot check

Quick and free to use

Get vehicle check reports in just a few clicks.

Vehicle history check

Check any UK cars

Get instant reports on any UK cars.

Number plate check

Click and buy online

Just enter the registration number and avail reports online.

What essential information can be known with our vehicle check reports?

DVLA car check

DVLA maintains details of every vehicle in the UK. We offer DVLA car check which could throw light on MOT records and to check car tax and much more.

  • Date of Registration
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Engine Capacity
  • Fuel Type
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Vehicle type

MOT History

Cars that continually passed in MOT tests without fail are considered a good buy. Failing such tests illustrates certain issues are with the car and needs to be cleared and they may occur later after the purchase of them. Our free car check reports can assist you with MOT data

Import/Export cars

Find out imported and exported cars when performing car check.

Car Valuation

Don’t pay more than what a car deserve. Our reports provide complete valuation including the auction value that a car can be bought.

Why is vehicle check a prime need for buying used vehicles?

Buying used cars is always economical and checking used cars is the best way to measure their worthiness. Avoid pitfalls in buying used cars with our reliable reports on them. It’s always better to make comprehensive car check rather than regretting later.

Categories of critical vehicle check data

Outstanding finance check

Find any leftover finance on used cars. Pre-owned cars under finance contract are not allowed for any kind of buying and selling activities.

Write off check

Insurance companies declare cars under any of the categories A, B, S, N as a total loss and such written off cars are considered as a risk.

Police Stolen

Any car that has been theft and classified as stolen in the Police National Computer gets listed as stolen vehicles.

Hpi check

Mileage Anomaly

Mileage Anomaly indicates that the car’s odometer has been clocked. Such cars have unknown wear and tear and highly valued than what they deserve.

Keeper’s History

Used cars can have passed through several owners and when the figures are higher than 4, they tend to lose value.

Number Plate change

Cars in the UK can have personalized plates which are loved by many. But it could also be done to hide the past history of cars.