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Cookie policy

We use cookies on our website to identify the quality and how effective we are in marketing campaigns? These help us in the growth of our website & our services. To experience our full potential service you must have a system or any electronic material that should support cookies, if not you avail only limited service to know more take a look at our cookie policy.

What is a cookie?

A cookie identifies the device you were working and then it stores the information on your hard drive. If you access that website again after a few long days it gives you information as you have already visited once that helps to improve the browser journey. This shows us you are a unique customer by the web server.

Is it safe to use cookies?

As the cookie does not contain any virus or it cannot/will not install any trojan or malware on your computer. They contain pairs of data values. So, it is safe to use cookies on your computer.

Mobile application cookies

The cookie is applicable to a mobile application as the same as for your system.

Google Analytics

Google analytics service provided by Google that is used on our website to understand or analyse visitors operations on our website. This helps us to improve the service regarding marketing or remarketing and report based on an advertisement. Google analytics gathers your browsing information if you linked with your Google account and then you may get some personalized advertisements. We won’t share any information about you with others.

Non-essential cookies

The only purpose of cookies is only to improve the effectiveness of online marketing it doesn't mean that we cannot operate without cookies. These cookies can be disabled.