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Should I insure my pets?

Pet insurance helps protect against any unseen costs related to your pet. The most common purpose of getting an insurance policy for your pet, such as rabbit pet insurance, is to cover the veterinary bills. Therefore, having pet insurance is worth it if your pet has an on-going condition.

By having the best pet insurance, you can recover the bills.

To see if insuring your pet is worth it, try considering the likelihood that you will make a claim and compare it with the premium you will be paying. Let’s say you have a cat with an on-going condition, and the cost of pet insurance for cats is high. In this case, insuring your pet might be a good idea because the likelihood to make a claim is very high.

What are the types of pet insurance cover available?

There are basically four levels of cover in pet insurance:

Accident only

Provides the cover for the vet fees if the pet is injured in an accident. It is the cheapest type of pet insurance which you can avail.

Time limited

This kind of policy provides cover for only a specific time of period, commonly 12 months which covers accident and short term illness.

Maximum benefit

It is also known as "per condition" cover in which only a specific amount of money is allocated for each treatment of injury or illness.


This type of pet insurance cover is most expensive of all other ones but will protect your pet for its whole lifetime. It includes accident, injuries or illness cover under the policy.

What is the need to compare the pet insurance quote?

Ultimately you can decide what you need and don’t need with all of the options available for this form of insurance. But taking too much cover would be unnecessary for which you need to spend more than the actual cost.

Does my Pet’s Age affect Pet Insurance?

A few things can affect your pet life insurance cost, such as the age of your pet. First off, pet life insurance for older cats and dogs is not easy to acquire. Secondly, pet insurance cost for older pets is also high. The reason is obvious – older animals have a higher chance to require medical treatment. Therefore, the easiest way to acquire lifetime pet insurance is when the pets are young.

Furthermore, pets with pre-existing conditions affect the insurance policy conditions. It’s harder to find an insurance cover for such pets as the likelihood of a claim is often high. It’s also probable that you would face an increase in the premium once you’ve made several claims. On the other hand, when trying to switch the cover, such as puppy insurance, it isn't easy to get a hands-on one due to the claims you've made about the pre-existing condition of your pet.

How do Vaccinations Affect Pet Insurance?

Your beloved pet can fall ill anytime as humans do. While nobody likes that idea, it’s an unfortunate cycle of life. However, advancements in medicine allow us to vaccinate our pets, which are widely and cheaply available. Most multi-pet insurance does not cover the cost of vaccination. However, to keep your insurance policy valid, you must follow the vaccination schedule. The timing of immunization may depend upon the pet you own. For instance, cats usually need vaccination in nine to twelve weeks.

Even though policies do not cover the cost of vaccination for pets at home insurance, the right cover can save you from different veterinary bills.

At Compare Market Insurance, you may start from £3.01 per month to cover the cost of vet fees up to £2,500.

What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance is aimed to cover the vet fees which will bring a considerable amount of impression in your budget. Commonly, a cat or dog insurance cover will include the following things:

check mark Accidents or illness cover will help towards the vet bills.

check mark Third party liability covers if your pets get injured by someone or cause accident.

check mark Advertising cost and reward money will be covered if your pet gets lost.

check mark Compensation amount if the pet passes away.


Pet insurance is mostly for the unexpected illness of the pet. So, it contains a few things which are actually excluded in the coverage like:

cross mark Vaccines

cross mark Pre-existing conditions

cross mark Routine health check-ups

These exclusion will not get covered in pet insurance policies.

*This policy provides annual cover including the cost of vet fees up to £2,500.

(You have a choice of pet profiles outlined below, one of which MUST be included as part of the disclaimer)

*Price per month for cover based on a cat, Albi, aged 10, no known medical conditions, neutered, up to date with vaccinations and micro chipped.

*Price per month for cover based on a cat, George, aged 4, no known medical conditions, neutered, up to date with vaccinations and micro chipped.

*Price per month for cover based on a dog, Rebel, aged 1, no known medical conditions, neutered, up to date with vaccinations and micro chipped.

*Price per month for cover based on a dog, Biff, aged 10, no known medical conditions, neutered, up to date with vaccinations and micro chipped.