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Best Ways to Sell a Car with Compare Market Insurance & Motorway

If you are in the process of selling your car, you might already know that it isn’t a straightforward process. There are many variables to think about and factor in before shaking hands with the buyer and parting ways with your vehicle. With the help of Compare Market Insurance you can sell your car in a stress-free way. Find out exactly how you can sell your car, potentially within one day, here.

What is the Best Way to Sell Your Car Online?

There is a range of websites through which you can sell your car online. The process requires a few key steps that will enable you to get the best value for your car and, all in all, these websites reduce the stress that can come with selling your car. A top site for selling a car online is our partner website, Motorway. It enables you to:

  • Get an instant real-world valuation
  • Find your highest offer from 3,000+ verified car dealers
  • Get paid fast the same day your car is collected
  • Get free collection from anywhere in the UK
  • Get up to £1,000 more for your car

What Should You do with Your Insurance Once the Car is sold?

One option once you have sold your car is to take the opportunity to find a better deal when you purchase a new one. Compare Market Insurance can help you shop around for the best car insurance deals available. To get free quotes from over 105 quality insurance providers simply fill in the online forms by:

  • Entering your registration number into the Compare Market Insurance website.
  • Providing details about the car.
  • Filling in information about yourself.
  • Receiving car insurance quotes from a range of car insurance companies.

By comparing insurance quotes from the best insurance providers after selling your car, you can get yourself covered and save a lot of money in the long run. And an added bonus of using Compare Market Insurance is that you could potentially save up to £200.

Through Compare Market Insurance, finding and comparing cheap car insurance costs you nothing. The site is completely free to use and provides a large selection of quotes that you can choose from. It is also highly convenient, fast and easy to use, and you will receive your quotes in an instant.

Having partnered with Car Analytics, Compare Market Insurance is the best way to sell your car by receiving accurate valuations and checking the vehicle’s history. You will be redirected to the Car Analytics website to carry out a vehicle history check if you so choose.

The quotes provided by Compare Market Insurance are not only limited to cars. The website even provides cheap bike and van insurance quotes. If you have sold a motorbike or a van and are looking for cheaper insurance options for a new vehicle, Compare Market Insurance is the best way to compare quotes.

What are the Best Ways to Sell Your Car Quickly in the UK?

The key to selling a car quickly in the UK is getting your car ready for sale. This part of the process includes:

  • Taking high-quality photos of your vehicle, which can attract more buyers and help to sell your car faster.
  • Being concise when describing your car. Focusing on the optional extras that make your vehicle unique is crucial.
  • Describing your vehicle as accurately as possible and bearing in mind the condition your car is in.

When you enter your car’s details into our partner site Motorway and describe your vehicle, honesty is essential, particularly if the dealer notices a fault that you haven’t disclosed.

If you intend to purchase a new vehicle, organising your insurance after you have sold your car is fundamental. Compare Market Insurance is the best way to access a range of car insurance quotes at the click of a button.

Is it Possible to Sell My Car with Outstanding Finance?

Yes, Motorway’s dealers buy cars on finance every day. They’ll pay off the finance directly and the remaining amount will be paid to you via a transfer into your bank account.

In order to end the car finance, a ‘settlement figure’ from your finance company is required. This gives you a stated amount that must be paid before the finance can be ended.

If you request it, your car finance provider will post a settlement figure to you within 12 days (however, the figure is usually given to you within 1-3 days). Once you have received the figure, the number is usually valid for 10 days to pay it off.

The dealer will explain the simple process of paying off your settlement figure when you choose to go ahead.

In the event that your settlement figure exceeds your offer, you can either pay the difference off yourself or pay the dealer to write off the sum in one go.

What are the Advantages of Selling your Car with Motorway?

There are numerous advantages to selling your car with our partner site, Motorway. Motorway enables you to sell any brand, model or type of car. These include:

With Motorway, you can receive the highest offer for your car and decide whether to sell for that price. You could get up to £1,000 more when you sell your car.

Other reasons to sell your car with Motorway include:

  • It is completely, 100% free. It is also a service which doesn’t obligate users to sell.
  • The service gives you an accurate prediction of the price you are likely to receive.
  • Motorway also enables you to avoid ‘wheeler dealers’ and opt for the right buyer.

The process of selling your car with Motorway is easy and efficient. It is one of the best ways to sell your car, giving you the potential to sell any car within a day.

Once you have sold your car, you might choose to arrange your new insurance start date in advance. If you choose to do so, using Compare Market Insurance is one way to get the best deal. Comparing quotes and ensuring you opt for the best price is simpler with this comprehensive comparison site.

How to Make the Best Choice when Selling your Car for Cash?

As there are various ways you can sell your car for cash, you will need to make shrewd decisions about which options are best for you. On the one hand, some sellers opt for selling privately to receive the most cash. On the other hand, others prefer to sell their car to professional dealers to sell in a shorter time frame.

The best ways to sell your car for cash include:

  • Part-exchanging with a dealership.
  • Selling your car to a dealership.
  • Selling your car at auction.
  • Choosing a reputable seller such as Car Analytics’ partner site, Motorway.

Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, while selling with a dealership might be a fast option, you might not get the best value for your car. Part-exchanging enables you to sell your car and purchase a new one simultaneously, but it can be difficult to negotiate for the best price.

Ultimately, you should consider which of these options best suits your requirements when selling your car.

How to Make your Car Ready for Sale?

To prepare your car for sale, some important steps can speed the process up. Ensure that you:

  • Clean the inside and outside of the car. This might even include paying for a valet to clean your car professionally to make a greater profit.
  • Check that everything is in working order. Don’t forget to check the car radio, the lights and the tyres, and get any faults fixed before selling the car.
  • Find all the paperwork for the vehicle. Ensure you have the MOT certificates and history of repairs to give your buyer the peace of mind that the car is fully functioning and a worthwhile investment.

Selling your car might be challenging for various reasons. Making use of Compare Market Insurance and Motorway can significantly reduce the difficulty and make selling your car more straightforward.