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Terms & Conditions

Your responsibility when purchasing insurance

Ensure every information given by the provider for financial product & insurance policy for you is correct as we are not responsible for such things. It will be your responsibility to check & provide an answer for every question to the true to your knowledge. We are not responsible in any way for inaccuracy in any insurance policy or financial product provided by any third party or provider. Discuss the terms for your insurance and/or financial requirements with the provider or the third party before entering your financial agreement. It is your duty to check the product does it suits your requirements and may be inadequate in the result of the claim.

The quote on our website is not a representation of us. Any material contained in it and quote comparison will be strictly available when you accept them on an as- and as-available basis. Any other material not related to our service shown on this website will be at your own risk; there is nothing to deal with us.

If you purchase the product from a provider, make sure you read their terms and conditions. The terms and conditions agreed with us only relate to our website's use, whereas, during any of your transactions or agreement between you and the provider, their terms and conditions will be covered.

Ban to use our site for commercial purposes

We offer service for the individual usage it may be personal or in business aspect respective to commercial/business product only & there is no access to offer any service to any third parties or use them for commercial purpose.

Intellectual Property

The information, data, trade names, logo, brands, logo & registered trademarks, or unregistered trademarks belong to the company. Our partner is the one to offer permission to such copyright material and information. For your personal consignment to use these information, you should have written permission from our partners or us.

Our Liability

We take complete responsibility for fraudulent or fraud service provided by our employees or agents or other matter which is illegal. We are not liable to any other accuracy problems faced on our website as it will be published by our third parties as we rely on the information provided by you & our third party providers. It is your responsibility to get complete details for the service from the provider before quoting. We take no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage regarding any financial product you apply which is not suitable to you.

Energy Comparison Utilities

Our website provides energy product comparison service only for the residents of the United Kingdom it is a limited service. If you admit any quote using our website it will redirect you to a third party company & third-party company’s own terms and condition will be followed. So, read the terms & conditions carefully, it is your responsibility to look after that and get familiar with the terms and conditions. If you're not clear with the terms & conditions or any other queries get cleared with the third party. We have nothing to do with the payment service to energy suppliers.We take no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur in the event of any energy product you opt for which do not meet up to our requirements or not suitable for you. We work on the information you provide us and from third party companies. We are not responsible for the inaccuracy or the accuracy for the quote that shown on our website as we are not representing it, it is a representation of the third parties. If any information or other materials contained on our website, it will be at your own risk.

Third party links

If you want to check or get complete information about any service, our website will redirect you to the third-party website by hyperlinks. So, we don’t/won’t take any responsibility for any statement, product & service published on their website as we have no control over the outsider.

Termination of use

We have the right to suspend or terminate your right to surfing this website if you:

  • Break any of the terms & conditions.
  • Violating the rights of the customer or the third parties linked with this website.
  • Attempt any criminal offense on this website or add or transmit any virus, trojan, or any other harmful components.